Monday, June 29, 2009

Nature's Nectar

May I present to you Nature's Nectar.

I am preparing to send this to Mardi Bras for their July 10th Fund Raiser at the Gladstone in Toronto. I think there are still tickets available! It is a great cause!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sharon's shawl

sharon's shawl
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Sharon is the first one finished in the Flower and LeafLace Shawl Knit a Long. Congratulations Sharon!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June is for Brides

I think that the dream wedding dress for a knitter is one that they have knit for themselves. For the most part the dresses that I have come across are one of a kind and oh so beautiful! Vogue spring 2008 had some nice patterns for wedding shrugs and a wedding dress.

This beautiful open lace work would float so beautifully and be so cool for the summer outdoor wedding. You could definitely change it to be a full length dress! It would probably take about as long to knit as a fine yarn sweater! I can see it in Svale or Debbie Bliss Prima or even Stork cotton.

On the more extravagant side these following dresses would take a fair bit of labour but they are striking! If I were hand knitting the dress on the right I would probably allow myself 6 months or so unless a knitting machine were used for the large plain areas! But, Oh, what a dream!!

Much more realistic and actually something a fair number of knitter brides are making for themselves is the bridal shawl or veil. Just make your preferred lace pattern out of some really fine lace weight yarn like the Misti Alpaca Lace or something slightly heavier like Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino to get this lovely diaphanous look.

Michelle of The Sweet Sheep is knitting a very simple shawl out of her own hand dyed. The gentle variations in a hand dyed yarn will make for a beautiful subtle statement. Like Michelle you do not have to go with white! Choose your favorite colour to make your wedding shawl out of!

I can't help it! I think that Vickie's newest shawl pattern would be beautiful knit in white or pastel HandMaiden Sea Silk would be a stunning addition to any bridal ensemble.

I also think that a nice simple triangular shawl would look great wrapped around a big brimmed hat for the wedding and afterwards! Even as a guest to a garden wedding this would be stunning!

Want something easier that takes less time? How about the Garter. This elopement Garter from Knitty is a very simple lace design adorned with ribbon.

How about some flowers that will never wilt??? There are many felted flower patterns that could be used to create your own unique bouquet.

Again Knitty has these Calla Lilies that would be perfect.

What ever you choose to make for your wedding it will be a piece that could be passed on to children!!
Already married?.....
Well you could always renew your vows just so you can have your own hand knit wedding!!