Friday, January 28, 2011

Martina's January Sock

Martina's January Sock
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Go to Kniterary Flickr page to see the socks!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Socks, Hearts and Angels

I have finally posted the classes currently planned for this spring on the Kniterary website so head on over and have a look a what is coming up.

Among the classes is a heart embellishing class that is being offered by Tara of Soul Xpressions. All you have to do is knit 3 small hearts and stuff them then bring them with you on February 5th for embellishing. The class and embellishing kit (enough for 3 hearts) is $15.

The pattern I used was Folk Hearts by Frankie Brown that is available free on line. One ball of Mirasol Sampa makes about 6 hearts and is $6.99 a ball. It could be a fun project to do with a child!

The Pull up Your Socks KAL continues with several people coming in to show me their progress. Sharon and Geri were in with a finished sock each.

I have also finished the final black sock.....FINALLY....Black sock weight is not my favorite to knit in but I love wearing them!

Just in to the shop is Debbie Bliss Angel..... A stunningly beautiful mohair, silk blend that knits up very light and feathery.

You have to see it in real life to really appreciate it!!!! There is a book with great patterns and the new Debbie Bliss Magazine (coming out soon) will have some patterns using Angel as well.
Remember that there are still 2 ongoing drop ins that you may join in at any time! Wednesdays 1- 3 and Thursdays 7 - 9.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sock Photos

I owe you photos of my ufo socks from past years. These are the socks I am going to work on first in......
Yes I am a person who suffers from SSS...It is sad but true... I hope this KAL will cure me! (Don't stop knitting)....

Sock number 1 is ....A Jaywalker.... Loved knitting it but go sidetracked....

Knit in a Berocco Sock yarn that is perfect for JayWalkers! Going to get more in with the next order! See the ball? That will be a sock next time you see it!

These next ones are BLACK and BORING ...yup that is my excuse...2 years in knitting..Would have fit my son when started....NOW they are for me. Lesson learned...I will never ever knitting plain st st black socks ever again! I just do not have the attention span. Will probably be my January sock just to get it off my UFO list. Yes the black blob in the middle of the photo is a sock.

The last pair I have to finish are a pair of Fair Isle Knee Highs I started for my friend Jen. Did one and it seemed small so I got her to try it on. Yes way too small... Into the frog pond and start again. Waaaaa... It was decided last week that knee high socks count as 4 socks so this should take me through 4 months.... blarg...

So that is my next 6 months of puyskal (Pull Up Your Socks Knit a Long).

I have the first photo already of a finished sock from Pam! Way to go!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It Is Time to Pull Up Your Socks!

Kniterary is having a Sock Knit a Long!
Do you have troubles knitting both socks in a pair??
Do you find yourself being flummoxed by Finalization?
Join us at Kniterary while we
Pull Up Our Socks
Spend the year making sure we are not stricken with
(Second Sock Syndrome)!
How can YOU join??
Commit in January to knit one (YES ONLY ONE) sock each month in 2011!
If you have already been felled by SSS you can finish the mates for your pile of loners or you can start 6 socks the first half of the year and knit the mates during the second half. Choose your own yarns and patterns!
THE AIM: At least 6 pairs of socks by the end of December 2011.
When you bring in your sock to Kniterary for its portrait you will receive 10% off the purchase of 100 grams of sock yarn. (only available 1 time a month per person) AND enter your name for the year end Prize! I will need proof that you are still Pulling up your Socks!!
Sound fun and Silly?