Sunday, September 30, 2007

Headband Week!

This week has been my week of Headbands.

After I finished the Colinette hat I had enough left over from the skein to make a headband. (You can find the picture 3rd down.)

While I was knitting the headband I realized that a headband is actually a really good way to do a yarn sample. For one you get to see a large enough sample of how the yarn knits. For another I get to experiment with knit /purl designs at the same time putting ideas out there.

Headbands are a really quick small gift project. For the most part you can get 2 head bands out of one skein so those luxurious yarns like Noro and Colinette can be used for a drop dead look.

I am actually getting 3 head bands out of the Noro transitions. All 3 look very different because of the way the different yarns are put together. I should have a picture of the other 2 soon (or you can just come in to see them!)

New...The Estelle Twelve Yarn. Twelve different yarns in one skein and NO KNOTS! Two to three make a scarf. Perfect gift as is for a knitter to make a perfectly simple yet stunning scarf.

Coming soon is the felted pumpkin workshop! $20 for the class, patterns, yarn and the felting of one pumpkin. (There will be enough yarn for 2 pumpkins)
On October 10th Jane Ellison is here for the Carlos glove workshop.

The Gloves use the Hacho yarn from Mirasol. Hacho is the multicoloured yarn in the lower triangle. Carlos Gloves are knit in a new fashion. Sideways! Workshop costs $75.00 and includes a viewing of Jane's designs and a talk from her about Mirasol and her designs.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Colinette Iona

On the shelves is the luxurious Colinette Iona (a soft wool/mohair/silk blend).

I have been wondering what it would feel like to knit and look like once knitted up.

In the name of research I grabbed a skein to do a scarf.

To my surprise I found a great little hat pattern on the ball band!

Easy Peasy and quick. A great gift to knit up for Christmas or to gift a knitter with!

The feel is lovely and soft. The hand painted colours are to die for. And there is enough yarn left over to do a small scarf or a head band for those warmer times of winter.
For approx. $28.00 what luxury!

I think the hat would be nice without the ear flaps as well.

Ten more skeins in stock right now!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mini Socks.

Saturday afternoon at Kniterary saw 5 students knitting their own mini socks. Every one seemed to enjoy the class and by the end were able to go home with one sock for their house elf and enough yarn to knit a second one.

Of course I forgot my camera so no pics. Sigh.

At the end of the class I asked if I should now run a series of classes for human size socks. There was a resounding "Yes". So you will soon be seeing regular sock classes that will run twice a month. The cost will be to buy a ball of sock yarn.

Next weekend...Felted bowls!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jane Ellison Workshop

I have been offered a chance to bring Jane Ellison in to run a knitting workshop on Wednesday October 10th. Jane Ellison designs for Noro and the new Mirasol Peru Fair Trade line.

Jane Ellison worked with Debbie Bliss for a long time and has been designing for Noro Yarns for several years. She is doing several workshops across Canada and I feel lucky to be able to offer this workshop to you!

When designers do workshops they always bring samples of their work from books they have written. They are so fun to see because the pictures in the books rarely do them justice. It will be interesting to find out about her creative process and to learn a knitting technique from her.

The price ,which will be $75 to $100, will include any yarn that is used in the workshop. You will definitely leave the workshop with lots of inspiration and a new technique to try out.

E-mail me at if you are interested!!

This is hopefully the start of workshops from knit designers around the world. I hope to be able to offer them once or twice every year.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Busy Week!

It has been a busy week at Kniterary!

The new stock keeps on arriving. This week Sublime Angora Merino, 2 Debbie Bliss yarns and more Noro arrived. Pictured is the Sublime Angora Merino. (ooh soft...)

I have also ordered some Malabrigo kettle dyed lace weight . It is so yummy! One skein has 400m so is enough to do a small shawl. The price is reasonable too (though of course it escapes me now).

Thursday night was the first Thursday Sit N' Knit of the season. I had wine and cheese for everybody. Seven lucky people got to take home door prizes!

There was a great turn out . Old friendships were renewed and new ones started. I forgot to take pictures. But here are some of the morning after.

This is 2 of the door prizes waiting to be picked up.

Aren't the flowers beautiful! I picked them up at the Oshawa farmers market along with some vegetables. Good place to get everything local!

The napkins are resting in their Muskoka chair guarding the dirty wine glasses.

I also started the pumpkins for the felted pumpkin class in October . Pre felted version is here. Soon to have the felted version. I am just waiting to have more to go in the wash before I do it.

The Kniterary Literary club met last night for the first time. We will be meeting the first Friday of every month. We talked about books and knitting and life. We are reading

The Birth House by Ami McKay this month. I am looking forward to it! Of course again no pictures. I will try to get better at getting my camera out at these events!

The first beginners and individual project classes begin today. Yeah!