Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Garden Path Afghan Knit a Long

For the past 4 Months 12 people have been joining me in an Afghan Knit a Long. It is going to be a total of 9 Blocks all in cables that are garden themed. We are using Mission Falls 1824 wool.

Block number 1: Rose Garden

Block 2: Closed Bud

Block number 3: Stacked Buds

Block 4: Tulip cable

Block 5: Stacked Tulips (going home this Friday to be done)

We should have it done for Christmas. In the new year I will assemble the block Patterns and make a kit for the New Year. Also in the New Yesr we will be starting a Lace Afghan Knit a Long.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Around Kniterary

Michelle has put up her linen Geranium Needful Yarn Wrap. I love the colours don't you?
Some new books have come into the shop this week.

Hand Dyed yarn from Dye-Version came in.

Party Ribbon


Dye-Version Soy Fingering weight on top and Dyed in the Wool Handmade Bamboo on the bottom.

And our resident dyer has some WWKIP colour way left for purchase as well as other hand dyeds!

Come into the shop for a feel and maybe to take some home!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Day We Knit in Public

The day started out with showers as we put up the gazebo as we prepared to receive knitters to help create a cozy for our tree.

Then the day cleared up and the knitters they came sitting inside at first because of the chill in the air. A photographer from Snap came and took pictures of our group which ranged from 6 to 60ish. I started to sew together some blocks around the tree. As I was I fertilized the ground beneath said tree with my favorite darning needle...sigh.

By the end of the day more had been added including a sweater UFO that now has wrapped it's arms around it in a great big hug. The locals think that the Kniterary lady is a bit crazy but I like it and I will continue to add to it and will encourage others to add to it. It will be fun to see how long it will actually stay on the tree!

The weather warmed up and while I sewed others knitted under the gazebo. Vickie is almost finished her contribution to the cozy and I hope she will sew it up herself (just kidding Vickie).

There were a dozen or so knitters who joined us through the day to spread the joy of knitting!

Thanks to all of them!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knit in Public with Kniterary

I am almost ready for WWKIP day! Are you?

There will be a gazebo tent up at the side of the shop to protect any knitters from the sun or (heaven forbid) rain. In the event of rain anyone will be welcome to knit in Kniterary.
Coffee Time is 2 doors to the south and Tim Horton's is 3 blocks north.
If you take a stroll through downtown Whitby while you are here make sure to get a business card or flyer from each shop that you visit. I will give an extra 1% off any purchases up to 10% for every one you bring to me.
So far I have talked to:
Hair Express (in the plaza beside Coffee Time). They do cuts for $14.50/$19.50 and wash, cut and style for $25.50.
Sacred Quest (across John Street from Kniterary) which is a spiritual book and gift store.

Fitness Junky at 148 Brock Street North. The store sells active wear for women and has plus sizes in yoga wear.

Second Story Books at 103 Mary Street West in the Pearson's Lanes. The store for book lovers. She has only been open for one month and sells new and used books.

Dragonfly Home and Garden Accents also at 103 Mary St. W. in Pearson's Lanes. They sell a fun selection of gift items.

Essence Cafe and Tea Room. Specialty coffee and teas and gourmet salads would be a good place to drop by for a light lunch to eat in or take out. They are also at 103 Mary ST.W!

Audry Janes lingerie and casual wear at 135 Byron Street N is on Pearson's Lanes porch as well.

All these shops are willing to give their business cards to you to bring back to Kniterary as proof of your visit to them. Make sure to take some time and see what downtown Whitby has to offer. You can visit other stores in the downtown area and bring back a card as proof and I will honour them for an extra percent off.

All yarns and knitting accessories will be 5% off. You will be able to increase your discount to 10% by bringing in a non-perishable donation or a donation of a knit or crochet item. And, as mentioned above you could get up to an additional 10% off by visiting local shops and bringing back up to 10 business cards. (every card is worth 1 additional percent). You could get up to 20% off your purchase with a donation and by visiting 10 downtown businesses!

Help make a Tree Cozy for our Parking Lot Tree! See here.and here and here for ideas for tree cozies. Ok, some may think it is a waste of knitting time and energy but think of that sweater that you will never finish warming up the tree or swatches that are cluttering up the stash. And.....The tree will just make us smile everytime we see it!

Michelle of Sweetsheep has dyed 10 skeins of WWKIP colourway of sock yarn. The cost is $24.09 per 100 gram skein and is beautiful blues, greens and browns. We will be taking orders for more once we run out because it is sure to sell quickly.

Unfortunately Michelle will probably not make it to the festivities on Saturday because her fiance had an accident on Monday and is going into surgery today. He will be ok but send warm thoughts of healing his way. He is an Arborist so I think that making our tree cozy should be in honour of Chris and his healing.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ta Da!

Martina and I had a great time this weekend at the Spinning Wheels Alpaca farm. I was very excited as it was my Mint Chip Shawl's debut!
Thank you Martina for modeling!The Shawl is now in the shop, make sure to check it out next time you are in!
Up next is a beautiful Hempathy Cardigan...on 3.75mm needles...this might take a while.