Monday, January 25, 2010

January Blahs...

Does anybody have the January blahs?
I seem to today.
It is grey and rainy when it should be snowy and sunny.
How do you overcome the blahs?

I overcome them by picking something inspiring and colourful to knit. So I have picked up a small sharf (shawl/scarf) from the latest KnitScene called Emily to knit. It is a fun lace knit that can be done in a 4 ply or a lace weight yarn. I have chosen a 4 ply Malabrigo sock yarn from my personal stash. I think that it would also be stunning in any of the Cadenza sock weight that I have on the shelves.

This Mandy Moore Pattern is an easy to follow lace. It starts off small so by the time you are doing longer rows the pattern is solidified in the brain. At least that is what I am finding.

Don't you just love that orange? I feel surrounded by warmth when I knit with it.

If you are looking for something colorful to knit with there is now 3 shades of Silk Garden Sock in the shop and 5 colors of Silk Garden worsted weight.

The Silk Garden Sock is wonderful combined with Cadenza and knit into a simple triangular shawl. I have Emily's in the shop for inspiration!
About a year ago I knit a Log Cabin Blanket with Silk Garden Worsted and I think I am about to revisit that knit just to play with colour. I will get out my sample at the shop and dig up the basic pattern for anyone who is interested.

Also in my project pile is my latest tree. I am knitting a 3 dimensional Ash Tree. So far I have the main trunk done and I am prepping to start dividing it into smaller sections. This has led me on wanders through the neibourhood to analyze how an Ash tree branches out. I have also been really taken with the colors of the mosses that grow on Ash trees. Wandering outside, even on dull days, seems to banish the blahs for a bit too.

If you need a shot of color to ward off the January Blues pop by the shop and have a sensory feast!

See you soon!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Knew Year Knews.....

January is here and it is time for me to blog again. I hope to be able to keep my new blogyear resolution and blog a bit more frequently. Notice I place no time or frequency restrictions on myself! I am not a total fool!!

December saw me knitting many quick and simple shawls for presents...oh.. and one for myself. I have written out a simple template for doing a triangular shawl so if anyone is interested ask me and I'll give you a copy.

I also spent time knitting several Slouchy Trees.

A few friends were wearing them around town and many people ended up in the shop to get either the pattern and yarn or the finished product. Yes the pattern is available for $3. Trying to get it on Ravelry. I've almost got it figured out!

What am I up to in 2010?

Well, I have promised myself I will become more familiar with crocheting. I will learn to read patterns and I will actually make a few things! Can you tell I am still convincing myself of this fact??? Knitting is my joy. Crocheting is not.

I have been having fun knitting a few of Susan B. Anderson's Chickens. One of them is for a late Xmas gift so there will be no picture here! (But there is a close up in the previous post.)

"January is National Hot Tea Month and most of us have already made resolutions of one sort or another. Those that are simple to incorporate into our lives are the ones we are most likely to stick with past January. The potential benefits of adding tea to our diets, an easy and inexpensive addition to our daily lives, may aid in the ongoing battle of the bulge and increase the body's immunity to colds and flu. "(From

Tea Cozies are an excellent way to keep the tea as hot as can be!

Tea Cozies can be as easy as a hat to knit or they can be a canvas for any frivolity you would like to imagine!! You all know what side of that fence I fall on! (Even the Slouchy Tree could be a cozy!!) I am currently knitting a chicken tea cozy. I have been practising my fair isle technique on it. It is a great surface to practice or perfect a technique!
There are lots of patterns on Ravelry so if you are not a member yet do join!

In the shop:
Now until January 16th all in stock books are 30% off and in stock yarns are 20% off.

Berroco Sundae has come in and is included in the sale!
Check out the Kniterary website for updates and classes that are being offered this winter.

I wish all of you a Yarntastic 2010!!!

Chickens on the Table!

Chickens on the Table!
Originally uploaded by kniterary
I have been on a chicken knitting frenzy! So much fun! From a Susan B. Anderson pattern.