Monday, May 2, 2011

Studio Tour 2011

Tarmina Designs will show-case their Tea Rose Cozies and Flower Brooches this year during the 2011 studio tour.

Tea Rose Cozies

The Tea Rose Cozies are knit on 4mm needles with Manos del Uruguay Classica Wool in a round.  Three roses are added to the top of the cozies to give them a more decorative feel. They are a rather quick and basic knit with classic embellishments. What makes these tea cozies an ideal knit is the easily adjustable openings for the spout and handle, so it can custom fit any tea-pot.

The finished Tea Rose Cozies are being sold for $40.00 and the pattern will be available for $5.00.

Flower Brooches

The brooches have a rug hooked the center, and proddy hooked petals done by Martina Munroe. Then the entire thing is backed with leather. Once the base it together Tara Bergeron hand beads each one uniquely. To add a little more fancy the petals are made from dyed-wool and tulle. What makes these Flower Brooches so appealing is that they can be used for many things, such as; hat embellishments, and blouse/jacket pins.

The finished Flower Brooches are being sold for $35.00 and a class is available for $45.00.

During the studio tour Tara Bergeron will also be showing some of her other bead work ( and as usual the Kniterary will be open for people to browse through all yarns and supplies.

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