Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's New?

New to the Kniterary this summer!

Berroco summer weight yarns

(From left to right): Berroco Linsey, Berroco Origami, Berroco Glint.

Dyeing for Colour hand spun yarn:

Feltable roving's:

(From left to right): Merino Tops Roving's, BFL Roving's, Pencil Roving's.

Hand dyed rug-hooking fabrics:

Frill Seeker Precious Metal, Katia Rizos, and Katia Triana Lux are all the rage right now.

(From left to right): Frill Seeker Precious Metal, Katia Triana Lux.

New colours are now available in the Frill Seeker Precious Metal and the Katia Rizos.

Five colours currently available in the Noro Silk Garden, new colours to be coming soon.

Hope to see you all in the shop soon!

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